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Free and/or Fabulous

Hello fellow art geeks,

Well, my macbook finally crashed and I have been too busy to deal with it. My mom let me borrow her old laptop, it’s maybe six years old and running Windows XP. At first I thought this was a fate worse than, than… anything a relatively new mac snob could possibly absorb.

So I started researching Linux. Which led me to researching free, open-source software. Which led me to wondering why I think I need to ever spend so much money again on software. Probably not on hardware, either. Here’s a photo of cute otter so you won’t be bored by an image-free post:


Moving on – I haven’t made the switch yet. But let me share with you the best links I have so far for this whole new world:

1. Best of Linux apps

This is a great blog and a great link.

2. Projection mapping ecstasy

Another great place. Has some free, some paid, but looks very on top of things. Rah!!!! Info, products, links, all kinds of useful stuff, run by a couple of media PhDs. Right freaking on!!!

3. VJ software? Hmmmmm

I’m trying to get the vibe of this one… I’m posting it because I’m wondering how well it compares to Resolume, which we used in the iDEAlab quite a bit. It seems interesting.

OK, food for thought!!

PS: I’m probably going to use Ubuntu’s OS 12.04 release and go nuts. I want non-commerical vvvv in a bad way but I bet my little 1.6GHz throwaway laptop can’t handle it.