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Great Race Videos!

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These videos were shot by the kind folks at ITV.

















Go Mustangs!

Student Work Fall 2012

A sampling from 4D and Studio I. Yay idEA students!!







The Adversary Music Video Shoot photos

These are a few of my favorites photos that were taken over the two days that I helped out with the shoot.

Stop Motion Magic


Motivation for the 4D students!

Twoey Interviews Malaria

with Nick Carter and Dr.  Jost


Steps In Front Of McCray, Please

Art for Fun

I just spent a solid week in Los Angeles looking at art, from the Stone Age to stuff made this year.  One piece of art at the LACMA made a very strong impression on me, I spent several minutes looking at it from every angle, absorbing it, interacting with it, photographing it, and revisited it 2 more times while at the museum. The second I saw it, I said “ooohhh” and made a beeline for it.  The piece was an outdoor installation of dangling yellow tubes that you could walk through like a rack of hanging spaghetti. The area was full of kids, running, swinging, and hiding in the tubes like little fish in a sea anemone. As near I can tell, this piece had no message other than to be fun.  As I looked at art over the weekend, and thought about what my own art direction will be, I can say with certainty that I want to make art that is fun.

Penetrabile by Jesus Rafeael Soto