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Cinematic Poetry

Maria Popova at Brain Pickings writes:

From my friends at PBS Digital Studios and filmmaker James W. Griffithscomes A Solitary World — a breathtaking homage to H.G. Wells, with text adapted from five of his most celebrated works: The Time Machine (1895), The Island of Dr. Moreau (1896), The First Men in the Moon (1901), In The Days of the Comet (1906), The World Set Free (1914). Read by Terry Burns and featuring an appropriately haunting score from the young British composer Lennert Busch, the film belongs to — pioneers, perhaps — an emerging creative genre: the cinematic poem.

This, frankly is what I am interested in.  The issues that arise with technology can be little virtual rabbit holes. Sometimes we must emerge, take our techno musings and deal with one of the large issues that face us: why, when technology has advanced so far from the Greeks, has our emotional evolution not kept pace?