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Maybe the border still is the future: the highest tech used to secure the lowest wages.

An excellent article on border issues:,0

10 ways you can unsurveil yourself right now

Frankly, a lot of these look like a total pain, but you wanted to know…

Here is one that is pretty doable, and important not just for getting spied on, but getting kracked…

  1. Strong passwords, kept safe. Passwords these days have to be ridiculously long to be safe against crackers. That includes the password to email accounts, and passwords to unlock devices, and passwords to web services. If it’s bad to re-use passwords, and bad to use short passwords, how can you remember them all? Use a password manager. Even write down your passwords and keeping them in your wallet is safer than re-using the same short memorable password — at least you’ll know when your wallet is stolen. You can create a memorable strong master password using a random word system like that described at



WNMU student animations featured at SouthWest Fiesta of the Written Word


Please take a moment to check out our students work, featured at SW Fiesta of the Written Word!

By Jenny Casteñeda and Victoria Lukens:

Juan Correa and Daniel Lauer:

Mangus’ Alchemist


Inching towards a notional digital bill of rights…

Unless we believe that our free countries previously suffered from a grave surveillance deficit, and ought to be surveilled more than the Soviet Union and East Germany were, we must reverse this increase. That requires stopping the accumulation of big data about people.

–Richard Stallman, FOSS hero