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Maybe we need a “put down your cell phone day?”

Maybe we need a “put down your cell phone day?”.


How Blogging Makes You A Better Writer

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The Dish

Maureen O’Connor notes growing evidence that, instead of rotting kids’ brains, “technology is making [them] smarter by encouraging hyper-literacy”:

As writing becomes technically easier (try writing 1038 words by hand) and information more abundant, students not only get better at schoolwork — but improve writing and critical thinking skills in their free time. Further studies suggest that 40 percent of student writing occurs outside of the classroom, “everything from penning TV recaps to long e-mail conversations to arguments on discussion boards.” When schools encourage students to blog, the hobby can have a powerful effect on verbal test scores; social feedback motivates students to finesse their rhetorical skills.

When I started blogging – writing as clearly, briefly and colloquially as possible – I worried that my ability to write longer essays or books would suffer. The brain muscles associated with longer compositions, structured essays, or book-length arguments like Virtually Normal might…

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Cool graphs on the enormity of time…




Gila flyover



Crazy projection mapping. Still looking for something to do on the back of the FACT?



Could do this (ish) with Vue, you intrepid successors to my untouchable legacy…

Great Race Videos!

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These videos were shot by the kind folks at ITV.

















Go Mustangs!

Love and Hate – Southwestern Style

Emerging Transitions

Several months ago my daughter’s pediatric pulmonary specialist made an appointment for her to see a cardiologist at UNM Children’s Hospital in Albuquerque. That appointment was today. I’m happy to say she is absolutely fine.

In reality I think the only reason that we all, her Dr.s included, continue to scrutinize her health so closely now is because she was so critically ill when she was an infant.

Anyway, to get to the point, when I just recently saw that there was a post due today about art we really didn’t like, I knew I’d be here in Albuquerque. My train of thought then moved on to the tacky pseudo Native American style that dominates a lot of Southwester art. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally in love with the new burst of “Native” design that’s going on in the fashion industry right now. Anything is better than the 80’s…

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Main Train Station

Hlavní from peter bill on Vimeo.

This is an old DV-NTSC rez video I shot in 1999 and composited at the CARTAH lab at UW in 2000. I finally was able to digitize the full rez version. What’s funny is how LO rez 14 year old tech seems! Getting it off old DV tapes, the inherent chunkyness of interlaced video signals, it seems like model T, or when we used to read paper newspapers and get our hands dirty…

So lets get back to the old school, The faded Prague Spring of 1999-2000.
It was a two channel installation originally meant to project on opposite walls, with loud audio, so turn it up, and immerse in Praha ambient…

Ouch: millenial’s, Gen Y, Gen X we are all guilty…