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Pastafarian wins right to wear colander for Driver’s Licence photo

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New Media, in the sense our Pastafarian brothers and sisters have won a New Right…and new media is all about pushing boundaries, and fighting for our rights! (well it should be, er, actually new media companies such as applemicrosoftgoogleyahoo seem more about restricting our rights, and spying…oh well)

Who wants to make a music video?

Alright my peeps- some decisions coming up, and I hope someone has a friend with a (good) band!

We will be shooting a Danny Reyes music video in September- That might be pretty straight filming-
But who has some Michel Gondry concepts floating about?

Book of Kells Now Free to View Online

Yay! So pretty…

NY times website is down

If the US does go ahead with bombing Syria, some websites are predicting as soon as Thursday, there could well be asymmetric responses, by Syria and her allies Russia and China.
Already tonite the NY times website is down.  If parts of the internet do go down, this could disrupt banking, and other sorts of on-line activity.  Your email may be hard to reach and Facebook unresponsive.  It might be good to have some cash money money on hand, as ATMs use the interwebs as well.  But above all, do not panic.  Maybe having the internet go down will be a good thing- we will be forced to talk to each other face to face, and will not be distracted to such a great degree.  It will also be a good reminder that we should not depend completely on our digital overlords for everything, and have a printed paper trail for important information, not just store it on the NSA cloud.


Syrian Electronic Army claims responsibility for taking down nytimes, and other sites:


David Mach- Master of Linear Networking

David Mach- Master of Linear Networking

Graffiti Police Force Artist to Buff Owner-Authorized Mural

Final cut X

Rob wants us to know: