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Rijksmuseum has lots of free art!



Wisely, the Dutch museum has offered its collection on-line, downloadable!
Museums are the repositories of our cultural memory- The works over a certain age must be available free of ©.
As one might expect, the progressive Dutch have taken the lead on this…
(de Ruyter is dancing in heaven, as he once did on the “Dutch” Channel)

Hopefully more contemporary artists will post Hi-Rez versions of their work (Bill Viola, Rackstraw Downes: are you listening?) to at least look at on-line…


Goya: Caprichios
Van Ruisdael: Dutch Landscape with Windmill

Towards a notional Digital Bill of Rights.

(forward to your friends!)
Towards a notional Digital Bill of Rights.

-Ban drones. (get a crane, film dudes)
-Need warrant to eavesdrop with citizen jury to decide if need is legitimate.
– Severely curtail use of surveillance cameras.(with exceptions for airports, gov’t buildings, army bases)
-Ban traffic cameras(only cause accidents)
-Ditch the notion of autonomous cars- public transit instead.
-Photographer’s can use cameras when/where they want.

The question is: can we determine our future, and avoid the “progress trap.”
(let’s do this)

Free and/or Fabulous

Hello fellow art geeks,

Well, my macbook finally crashed and I have been too busy to deal with it. My mom let me borrow her old laptop, it’s maybe six years old and running Windows XP. At first I thought this was a fate worse than, than… anything a relatively new mac snob could possibly absorb.

So I started researching Linux. Which led me to researching free, open-source software. Which led me to wondering why I think I need to ever spend so much money again on software. Probably not on hardware, either. Here’s a photo of cute otter so you won’t be bored by an image-free post:


Moving on – I haven’t made the switch yet. But let me share with you the best links I have so far for this whole new world:

1. Best of Linux apps

This is a great blog and a great link.

2. Projection mapping ecstasy

Another great place. Has some free, some paid, but looks very on top of things. Rah!!!! Info, products, links, all kinds of useful stuff, run by a couple of media PhDs. Right freaking on!!!

3. VJ software? Hmmmmm

I’m trying to get the vibe of this one… I’m posting it because I’m wondering how well it compares to Resolume, which we used in the iDEAlab quite a bit. It seems interesting.

OK, food for thought!!

PS: I’m probably going to use Ubuntu’s OS 12.04 release and go nuts. I want non-commerical vvvv in a bad way but I bet my little 1.6GHz throwaway laptop can’t handle it.

Epic Mural documentary

Completed as part of Documentary Film Techniques
by Junchen Huang.

Good work Junchen!!!

Many Hands from Junchen Huang on Vimeo.

Mr Messy, and critique thereof…

 Unsettling Echoes of Josef K, 28 Feb 2010

If ‘1984’ or ‘The Trial’ had been a children’s book, Mr Messy would be it. No literary character has ever been so fully and categorically obliterated by the forces of social control. Hargreaves may well pay homage to Kafka and Orwell in this work, but he also goes beyond them.

We meet Mr Messy – a man whose entire day-to-day existence is the undiluted expression of his individuality. His very untidiness is a metaphor for his blissful and unselfconscious disregard for the Social Order. Yes, there are times when he himself is a victim of this individuality – as when he trips over a brush he has left on his garden path – but he goes through life with a smile on his face.

That is, until a chance meeting with Mr Neat and Mr Tidy – the archetypal men in suits. They set about a merciless programme of social engineering and indoctrination that we are left in no doubt is in flagrant violation of his free will. ‘But I like being messy’ he protests as they anonymize both his home and his person with their relentless cleaning activity, a symbolism thinly veiled.

This process is so thorough that by the end of it he is unrecognizable – a homogenized pink blob, no longer truly himself (that vibrant Pollock-like scribble of before). He smiles the smile of a brainwashed automaton, blandly accepting what he has been given no agency to question or refuse. It is in this very smile that the sheer horror of what we have seen to occur is at its most acute.

Somewhere behind this blank expression though is a latent anger – a trace of self-knowledge as to what he once was – in the barbed observation he makes to Neat and Tidy that they have even deprived him of his name.

The book ends with a dry reminder from Hargreaves that just as with the secret police in some totalitarian regime, our own small expressions of uniqueness and volition may also result in a visit from these sinister suited agents.

from amazon reviewer Hamilton Richardson

World press photo challenged.

The World Press Photo of the year has been challenged.  For journalistic photos the question is: when does dodging, burning, cropping cross over the line from truth to art?

Bio-Art Residency in NYC


Hey there iDEA geeks – check this out. Bio Art is an “emerging” art form (google it – it’s wild) and sounds really, really cool to me. If you have this on your resume, people will notice. Like people who might let you into grad school or give you a job. It’s a hot ticket in art. If you can’t do this residency in NY, then why not come up with a way to do the same thing in Silver City (or Chicago, for that matter). 🙂

Maybe sometime an Art Dept prof at WNMU and a Biology Prof could collaborate on this and offer a class. Or figure it out yourself for an independent study. If you’ve taken a biology class recently, you are primed.


note to graduates:

DFW: the dead dean of Gen X.

“New Mexico Brane Cosmology”

Yep, here it is at last. My senior iDEA project.

It includes steel sculpture, projection, sound, and arduino-controlled LEDs. The projection consists of time-lapse photography from Southwestern New Mexico landscapes and starscapes, plus slowed-down footage of me (well, of my hands and feet) playing around in my yard.

In the video I explain with some text breaks the nature of “Brane Cosmology.” So I won’t spoil it for you by writing about that specifically. However, I will say I love combining science, particularly astrophysics and quantum physics, into my art. To me there is so much wonder to be found there, and in New Mexico, where nature, people, and art coincide so well together. Every night I can feel the heartbeat of the universe when I close my car door and walk to my house under the clear night sky.

The iDEA program here at WNMU has been amazing for me. I never knew how enchanted I would be with combining so many disciplines. I’m like a kid in a candy store here. I feel like my journey as an interdisciplinary artist is just beginning.

Digital Literacy interviews!

Here are the Digital Literacy talks!

cody lecture main from Cody Jones on Vimeo.

sergioDLproject from Sergio Fingado on Vimeo.

Ashley’s Interview Video from ashley cottingham on Vimeo.

Huzzah Creative Commons!

Creative Commons vs. Copyright from Mikayla P. on Vimeo.