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A fun day on the river

>650 hits the first day!

Free Desert River from peter bill on Vimeo.

A rafting expedition led by the indefatigable Sally Smith from Turkey Creek to Gila box.
Oars: Junchen Huang, myself, Andrew, Greg and Shirley.

Hymn to Xochiquetzal shortlisted for Celeste Prize

Alright- we are getting noted in Europa:

The Celeste network is an international arts organization based in Sienna, Italy.  Through on-line art competitions, they foster an international dialogue of art professionals.


Kim Jobs illin’

For you new Mac users…note Jong-Eun’s choice of machine!


Of course one must be skeptical of the anthropocentric belief system known as “Science” as well…

Lots of new work from Studio II

Malevich from Jacquie Nichols on Vimeo.

Check out our iDEAlab channel…


sweet compendium of animation styles