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This is for BJ

THE DUDE (Director’s Cut) from Jeff Feuerzeig on Vimeo.

Fun with Ferrofluids

Visual Magnetism is an interdisciplinary art and science project that engages the senses and stimulates wonder and curiosity in the participant.  Hand-held magnets let the viewer manipulate ferrofluid in a display tank, creating a sensory feast of the remarkable visual and physical properties of ferrofluid. Live video projection from a perpendicular viewing angle is shown on the ceiling, providing a full exploration of the fluid’s behavior.


Time wars: our finite lives frittered away in the precarious world of automation

It isn’t only work that has become more tenuous. The neoliberal attacks on public services, welfare programmes and trade unions mean that we are increasingly living in a world deprived of security or solidarity. The consequence of the normalisation of uncertainty is a permanent state of low-level panic. Fear, which attaches to particular objects, is replaced by a more generalised anxiety, a constant twitching, an inability to settle. The uncertainty of work is intensified by digital communication technology. As soon as there is email, there are no longer working hours nor a workplace. What characterises the present moment more than our anxious checking – of our messages, which may bring opportunities or demands (often both at the same time), or, more abstractly, of our status, which, like the stock market is constantly under review, never finally resolved?

time wars essay>>>

Street Musician Virtuosos

What Comes After Post-Modernism?

For the Art History Folks… You Know Who You Are

for our fine actor/coders in iDEA

I love that “actor/coder:”

function theSeriesOfFIBONACCI(theSize) {

  //a CALCKULATION in two acts.
  //employ’ng the humourous logick of JAVA-SCRIPTE

  //Dramatis Personae   var theResult; //an ARRAY to contain THE NUMBERS
  var theCounter; //a NUMBER, serv’nt to the FOR LOOP

  //ACT I: in which a ZERO is added for INITIATION

  //[ENTER: theResult]

  //Upon the noble list bestow a zero   var theResult = [0];

  //ACT II: a LOOP in which the final TWO NUMBERS are QUEREED and SUMM’D

  //[ENTER: theCounter]

  //Commence at one and venture o’er the numbers
  for (theCounter = 1; theCounter < theSize; theCounter++) {
    //By divination set adjoining members
    theResult[theCounter] = (theResult[theCounter-1]||1) + theResult[Math.max(0, theCounter-2)];   }

  //’Tis done, and here’s the answer.
  return theResult;

  //[Exuent] }

 If Hemingway wrote JavaScript (via Wired)

Advertising for Art School

Poured Painting


now what does this remind you of?

Electroluminescent Light Suits Create the Illusion of Stop Motion Dance

Interactive Sound Site

50 free fonts

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