Like water for the desert, New Media for New Mexico

High Line and Chelsea

In addition to the art museums and art fairs, while in New York we also took the time to visit some art galleries in the Chelsea District, which is supposedly the trendy art neighborhood.  The taxi dropped us off at the foot of the High Line, a city park created on the remains of  the old above ground subway system.  Chelsea used to be a meatpacking district, and some of the old structures were preserved in the park, making for an interesting vibe and unique visuals. We walked up the length of the park, enjoying soaking up the sunshine and arguing about what to eat for lunch.  Then we enjoyed good cheap food at a little Indian spot and grabbed dessert from a little French Patisserie.  In the afternoon we popped in and out of galleries, all impressive cavernous spaces painted a pristine white with really big soundless doors, usually devoted to one artist. The staff all wore sleek dark business suits, and very ostentatiously polite yet dismissive– I assume since we were clearly not buyers.  Here is a slideshow of the High Line Park and of some the art found in these fancy spaces:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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