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Electro Gila

Poor baby Huburt!  He was born out of the prebiotic soup and then had the bad luck to eat a Walmart bag! Fortunately, the mighty spirit Kokopelli is there to save the day.  With a trill on his magic flute, Huburt becomes…ELECTROGILA.   This fearsome creature eats trash with impunity and rebuilds the forest.  Give a hoot, don’t pollute!

Light Painting II

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30 second exposure, no post editing at all. I could do alot more with a team under my direction:  who’s in?

The Making of Electro Gila

This video is arguably the coolest and the hardest of the collaborative projects we created this semester here in the iDEA lab.  From concept to post, everybody in the Studio 1 class put in alot of work to make it happen.  (Teachers too!)

The shoot:   A Canon 7D with a zoom lens was set up on the roof of the Fine Arts Center Theater about 80 ft of the ground. Down in the pit, large quantities of tempura paint was applied using big paintbrushes on broomsticks, as well as dumped with buckets and splattered, then hosed down and reapplied to create the backdrop.  Working very quickly, we ran in and out of the pit, applying paint and moving the puppets a little bit each frame, signaling the camera operator stuck on the hot roof as soon as the pit was cleared.  It was hard work, climbing in and out of the pit!  5 hours and 250 frames later, we had about 7 seconds of footage..and a lot of cleanup.  Wheew!

The puppets:  Huburt (the baby lizard), Kokopelli, and ElectroGila Monster were made out of cardboard with hinged limbs.  Christina designed Electro Gila, and Erika and Gabby created Huburt and Koko, respectively, and Christina did an awesome job of painting ElectroGila’s face. To see the Gila Monster in person, he is currently on display in the hallway of the Parotti building.

Post: Prof. Bill took of the editing of the animation, and stretched the footage to 1 minute, adding special effects with AfterEffects.  Prof. Jun supervised the sound aspect of it, and everybody created sound effects and ambient noise using Soundhack, Audacity, and Sountrack Pro.  The sounds were mixed in ProTools  Add some rocking credits and we have a kick ass animation!

Are the iDEA students sane..or insane??? *evil chuckle*

A collaboration between the iDEA 4D class and the Sociology department led to the creation of one of the more involved shoots of the semester.  The craziness began when Prof. Peter Bill was approached by Noel Shearer, a psychology student at WNMU, about making a film for one of her class projects based on David Rosenham’s article “On Being Sane in Insane Places”, detailing a study in which sane people managed to get admitted to mental institutions and then details the problems they had  getting discharged.  Can sane people really be that different from insane people?  The concept intrigued Robert Torres and Anna Davis, and a script was written and the students in the 4D class cast as various characters.  Permission was obtained to film in the abandoned Ft. Bayard Hospital, a creepy locale if there ever was one.  The entire class had a fun time getting into character-maybe a little too much fun? As a class we learned about the details involved in a larger shoot, as well as some of the issues that arise as more people get involved in a project.  This project was also a great collaboration between different departments at WNMU and the Silver City community. This film also illustrated the fact that digital media can have a broad application for many fields.. such as making a dry intellectual paper into a fun film! And Sociology class presentations do not have to be boring. Noel got an A, and hopefully our iDEA students are no more crazy then usual…