Like water for the desert, New Media for New Mexico

new animations from 4d

This is my first white board animation with post work in After Effects and Soundtrack. I had loads of fun with it and as a result am switching my major from Photography to Animation. Gotta love life’s little curve balls. 🙂

Stop-Motion Bow Project from Jonathan King on Vimeo.

This video was created for my 4-D Media class, using after affects, Photoshop (for the cheesy background), soundtrack pro, and Final cut. A simple animation project, and the title pretty much gives away the details. The hand belongs to me, as does the action figure of storm shadow.

Love is Like Pi from M. Noce on Vimeo.

Stop Motion Animation Project – WNMU iDEA Lab, Sept. 2011

The Tea Party and the GOP from Cat Sano on Vimeo.

Created with Clay. Used Dragon Stop Motion to film in the IDEA LAB at WNMU with invaluable help from another student, Cody Jones. Processed with Adobe After Effects CS5.5, with the help and guidance of Professor Peter Bill.

Mysterious Box from Cristina Benzor on Vimeo.

Do Not Litter from Yujia Zhang on Vimeo.


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