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new animations from 4d

This is my first white board animation with post work in After Effects and Soundtrack. I had loads of fun with it and as a result am switching my major from Photography to Animation. Gotta love life’s little curve balls. 🙂

Stop-Motion Bow Project from Jonathan King on Vimeo.

This video was created for my 4-D Media class, using after affects, Photoshop (for the cheesy background), soundtrack pro, and Final cut. A simple animation project, and the title pretty much gives away the details. The hand belongs to me, as does the action figure of storm shadow.

Love is Like Pi from M. Noce on Vimeo.

Stop Motion Animation Project – WNMU iDEA Lab, Sept. 2011

The Tea Party and the GOP from Cat Sano on Vimeo.

Created with Clay. Used Dragon Stop Motion to film in the IDEA LAB at WNMU with invaluable help from another student, Cody Jones. Processed with Adobe After Effects CS5.5, with the help and guidance of Professor Peter Bill.

Mysterious Box from Cristina Benzor on Vimeo.

Do Not Litter from Yujia Zhang on Vimeo.

found sound

a nice inspiration for iDEAers…

Diego Stocco – Music From A Dry Cleaner from Diego Stocco on Vimeo.

hacktivism and you

an excellent article at FT about hacktivism, and for once, no pay wall:

To admirers, the hacktivism trend reflects the increased importance of technology in more and more aspects of life. The net is now democratising both legitimate political expression and hacking in the same way it once democratised media, allowing anyone to blog or publish an electronic book.

But others, including the companies that have lost business due to web outages or been robbed of customer information by hacktivists, believe Anonymous sets a dangerous precedent. “Motivation-wise, I think these guys are on a massive power trip. There is definitely some criminal element,” says Karim Hijazi, founder of tech security start-up Unveillance, which had its internal e-mails published by hackers with Lulz Security (commonly known as LulzSec), an Anonymous offshoot.

here is anonymous’ latest gambit:

Dedicated to people everywhere who will help out a stranger…

Are you a REAL person?

a funny video collaged together in After Effects using what looks to be lots of found images;

asking the existential question of the day: are you a real person, or perchance a spambot, or someone completely different from who you say you are?

Idea On the Rocks

what happens when a group of enthusiastic yet slightly insane students, under the wise and benevolent tutalage of prof.bill and prof.jun, head out to a fantastic location with baskets of fabric, loads of equipment, and some great ideas?  Take a look:  T he day started with some fashion type photography with the very obliging wind and clouds,  we recorded some nice audio when the wind howled through the rocks and the thunder rumbled.  We cooked burgers in the rain and the weather cleared when the sun set and we projected onto the rocks themselves.  Coming soon:  Electro Gila in the rocks!

on the difficulty of finding the right needle in the haystack…

Finding good information, or the specific information you want on the web can be very difficult. In this segment of the class we will looking at how to search, not necessarily how to sift the information!

Here is a good article on the difficulty of finding the specific information you might want:

As soon as I got home, I typed “How tall is Jake Gyllenhaal” into my web browser’s search box. The internet deposited me at, “an Entertainment site estimating the heights of famous people, including fan photos and celebrity quotations about their own height.” Bingo. Surely CelebHeights would provide the concise, definitive answer to my question!

Friends, the CelebHeights entry on Jake Gyllenhaal runs to 11 printed pages. It spans 21 months. It is the Infinite Jest of Jake Gyllenhaal–height-related discourse: a maelstrom of heated debate, contested recollections, and esoteric theories of mind-numbing potency.

The entry begins with a quote from Jake Gyllenhaal’s website: “I’m happily 6 feet tall.” What would seem a benign proclamation is actually the fuse to a powder keg. Before I knew it, a message-board user had whisked me away to an exclusive party for the express purpose of witnessing Gyllenhaal’s towering … mendacity:

“Met Jake at the Weinstein Oscar Party. We were both wearing dress shoes, and standing 4 inches away from him, I was looking him in the eye. I had no need to even slightly angle my eyes upward. I’m 5’8”, and Jake was an inch taller than me, period. He has a pretty tall cranium, which gave him the extra inch over me.” —Anonymous

here are links you need to read to begin to learn how to search well:




playing for change

Playing For Change Day, 2011 is going to be an amazing day of music and community:

200 events on 6 continents to choose from

Nearly 6000 registered to attend

Over $30,000 raised (before the first note has been played!)

The organizer at WNMU, Maria Dominguez, has graciously offered to donate $100 toward playing for change.

We will be filming, and recording high quality audio.

Silver City, NM – Western New Mexico University is hosting El Futuro Del Mariachi, a
concert celebrating the youth in mariachi on Saturday, September 17, 2011.
Two concerts are scheduled for 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. at the Fine Arts Center Theatre.
Groups scheduled to perform are Corazon del Desierto and Mariachi Alma de Jalisco.
Individual performers include Oscar Pena and Angelica Padilla.
General admission is $10 per ticket. Tickets can be purchased at the Office of
Multicultural Affairs and Student Activities (MASA) located in the Student Memorial
Center, Little Nisha’s Restaurant, Smoke Shoppe, Beverage Company and both Food
Basket locations.
The event is sponsored by the MASA Office, United Campus Ministry and several
community businesses and organizations.

WNMU IDEA will match the donation and supports music as part of it’s mission in Interdiscipinary Arts education.

Causation: or how to tell a story