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ganga tale

The sun and moon gods tattled to Vishnu, who beheaded the demon; his body perished, but his head, having absorbed the nectar, had become immortal. Since then, whenever he can manage it, Rahu, the lord of petroleum mining, fertilizers, chemicals, stock markets, and destructive growth—that is to say, the lord of contemporary India—swallows the sun and the moon.

the future is in algorithms

An excellent use of stop motion painting! something we could easily do this year…

“Peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God.”

live video mix with respectable citizen

respectable citizen- live at the reed college amphitheater encore

vance galloway guitar,
byron h diel drums,
peter bill video,
bruce bennett, keyboard

nice paper cut out animation

most likely put together in AE by the talented german student xaver xylophone:

together with Laura Junger

A film about the human drive to destroy and the absurd entertaining value that’s attached to it.

paper collage & stop motion | KHB Weißensee 2010

stop motion Gpoint style


so one day i have to get my west coast peeps out to meet my east coast peeps- this is grafmensch serg, my man VJ pixalot, and some dudes i dont know rockin it stop motion…

mebe we can play a storefront at chashama (midtown NYC) sometime?