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cityscapes and shimmering crowds

Here are a selection of pics from India

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Shimla crowds, Delhi scooter ride, Delhi crowds

I think of my photo explorations as moving images– thus a series of stills to be made into movies and projected as installations, or live. It can be very difficult to pull stills from  them– I tend to choose views that I think will work with something else, or collage, and where movement of crowds, or light is most evident.
So these are pics (mostly) selected from timelapses (edited movies to come)

India certainly presented; beyond the normal technical considerations of setting up the tripod, getting the F stop and shutter speed correct, focus, ISO etc;  physical difficulties– crowds of touts surrounding one, extreme (108 degree) heat, such crazy pollution it nearly induced an asthma attack… thus the paucity of shots from Delhi, where these things were most extreme…

I am playing with time in these shots– with slow shutter the crowds becoming Delhi djinn, or Shimla water.


One response

  1. Elizabeth Allen

    Cool! I love the movement, great shots! Yeah, an environment like that sounds really challenging. Sure would be nice to have an assistant, wouldn’t it? *longingly envisioning grant $*

    June 21, 2011 at 2:45 pm

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