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varanasi ghat

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I barely scratched the surface of varanasi.
This ancient city, on whose banks Hindus hope to be so lucky to pass out of the cycle of birth and death, stretches along the banks of the ganges.  It is a lush place, very hot in May, making one pine to jump into the water with all the pilgrims to bathe.
People bring empty jugs, to take some of the holy water home with them.
There is real joy for people to finally get into the water of the Ganges…
And in death many Indians do, burning on the side of the great Ganga, to be subsumed into its depths as ashes.

Much thanks to Professor Suresh Nair, teacher at BHU for showing me around a bit!

improvisation is like rebounding

an excellent article discussing the nature of improvisation in jazz:

For too long, we’ve mistaken the speed and spontaneity of basketball and jazz as evidence that these forms of entertainment are simple and facile, somehow less complicated than football or Wagner. But nothing could be further from the truth. It doesn’t matter if we’re watching Blake Griffin execute a dunk or listening to the modal melodies of Kind of Blue – these improvised creations only exist because their creators have internalized the necessary set of patterns, training their brain to execute astonishingly difficult calculations in the blink of an eye. As a result, they’re able to see what we cannot, envisioning rebounds and passing lanes and melodies that the rest of us can’t even comprehend. We take these performers for granted because they make it look so easy. But it only looks easy because they’ve worked so hard.

from wired science>>>

himalayan industrial

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India is growing up.

As Tibet is homogenized into China, and airfields and industry are developed on that side of the border (once again laid down to make most sense for an empire on whom the sun has long set), India must needs build up her own assets, and in the Himalayas that means dams.  Hydro-electric is big in the Kinnaur valley.  Huge trucks bearing goods, all roads under construction all the time and strange cement works trying to hold the Himalaya back.  Much of the valley is a huge construction zone, and will be for some time…

These photos are more likely fodder for paintings…

cityscapes and shimmering crowds

Here are a selection of pics from India

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Shimla crowds, Delhi scooter ride, Delhi crowds

I think of my photo explorations as moving images– thus a series of stills to be made into movies and projected as installations, or live. It can be very difficult to pull stills from  them– I tend to choose views that I think will work with something else, or collage, and where movement of crowds, or light is most evident.
So these are pics (mostly) selected from timelapses (edited movies to come)

India certainly presented; beyond the normal technical considerations of setting up the tripod, getting the F stop and shutter speed correct, focus, ISO etc;  physical difficulties– crowds of touts surrounding one, extreme (108 degree) heat, such crazy pollution it nearly induced an asthma attack… thus the paucity of shots from Delhi, where these things were most extreme…

I am playing with time in these shots– with slow shutter the crowds becoming Delhi djinn, or Shimla water.

stuxnet- you will know this name, sooner or later

stuxnet is a computer virus, probably created by some combo of NSA/CIA/Mossad, that shut down the iranian nuclear complex last year-
so far “yeah!”  the problem of course is that it is the first “real” (as in causing of physical damage) virus- both russia and china, and now iran have significant “cyberwar” capabilities- so look for stuxnet II, hitting an ATM/powerplant/traffic control system near you!

all of this points to the fact that we need to have back ups to our data on the cloud, alternatives to cell phones/internet devices dependent on the internet, and remember as we use computers every day, they can be used against us. (did anyone learn anything from the cell phone/EMT outage last winter in silver?)

excellent typography by the way- looks largely done in AE using 3-d, and 3-d elements.

An infographic dissecting the nature and ramifications of Stuxnet, the first weapon made entirely out of code. This was produced for Australian TV program HungryBeast on Australia’s ABC1

Direction and Motion Graphics: Patrick Clair
Written by: Scott Mitchell

Production Company: Zapruder’s Other Films.


interactive reactive art



ps.  also entertains children for hours

ferrofluid art


how its done: suspend nano-particles of iron compounds in a colloidal solution of water, oil and a surfactant, then when a magnetic field is applied to the fluid, the particles of iron compound inside align to it. Once that happens, the fluid becomes a fluid-solid.  I think.  Little shaky on the science, but love the eerie 3D art!



an excellent discussion of the internet by Will Self

motion tracking + 3d

Memory Tapes “Yes I Know” from Najork on Vimeo.

2200 miles and 6 months in 5 minutes

Color Wheel in a Nutshell

free fun fonts


Extreme Panorama

Street Art Meets Original Prankster

Street Installation Art

A Daily Dose of Photography

I like this timelapse..would like to learn how to do this in class!  hint hint


Alot of the photography on this site was pretty inspiring too…check it out!