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shimla is a fantastic town built vertically on 6000 ft “foothills” in the himalayas…

iconography of the road

tingting’s architecture

Made by Cinema 4D. Project for experimental animation class,IDEA LAB , Expressive Art Department, WNMU

Denise Wagner plays Debussy

played by denise wagner

made at

played by denise wagner

made at

a student of juli!

danger bassett posts another winner (that still needs music)

My First attempt at an animation lots of problems with creating motion. Thanks to the iDEAlab though it got worked out.

anna’s very hungry caterpillar

A collaboration between my 6 year old and myself. 🙂

kirkson pops some buttons

The Man Who Shot the Sun

whiteboard animation created in the IDEA Lab, Peter Garcia tells the story, David did some awesome drawing and Anna put it all together! Enjoy and make nice comments plz!

david riveria says: “get off my space buttons!”

danger bassett busts out a new animation

Super Sci-Fi @ iDEAlab

3-d animation by
Cat Sano

put together in Cinema 4-d

audio track composed by
Jarrod Johnson

cutting edge mexican conceptual/video installation painter

elizabeth allen’s new vid is on-line

this featured pretty much the whole experimental animation class.

good job elizabeth!

Music video of original song composed and performed by rhythm & blues singer-songwriter Jonny Mahaffey. Shot outside of Silver City, New Mexico. Produced, directed, edited by Elizabeth (BJ) Allen. Shot on burned land from March 7, 2011 Quail Ridge Fire.
Bobby T. on harmonica.
Anna Davis
Luke Mauldin
Kelly Trinkle-Thai
Peter Bill
Jarrod Johnson

Created in iDEAlab, WNMU

good class project?

When F5 commissioned us to do a short film conveying happiness, we thought what better way to express our happiness than to distill the essence of our craft, to serve up a creamy shot of artistic espresso? So with this film, we’ve gone back to the basics, the simplest of inanimate objects, and transformed them into a tapestry of playful, choreographed dance for your enjoyment. The musical accompaniment was composed as part of the filmmaking process by the lovely gentlemen of Huma Huma.