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we need to do this in silver


from the guardian>>>

jarrod’s spawn destruktor

This was a school project I just finished, and my first stop motion. I packed it full of effects and sounds. I also tried to make it appealing to the eye. Hope you enjoy it.

This was a school project I just finished, and my first stop motion.  I packed it full of effects and sounds.  I also tried to make it appealing to the eye. Hope you enjoy it.

First Film Club Screening Thurs 4/28 @ 6pm

film club

WNMU’s first Film Club Screening is going to ROCK! We’ll be watching “Brazil,” Terry Gilliam’s 1985 masterpiece (Robert DeNiro has a hilarious cameo). Bring a friend and some popcorn. Discussion afterwards with special guest Philip Foreman, a former Hollywood Production Designer. 6PM-9PM Mecha building

more on unplugging and thinking

on fire watching in the black mountains…

this is interdisciplinarity

Easy way to download videos from YouTube

Just go to, enter in the URL for your YouTube video, and then select the file format you want.  Pretty handy! Thanks to Ivan for showing me this today.

Sometimes footage is protected, and then it doesn’t work.

this silver city pollen count is getting to me!

soon to be in india, hopefully shooting fun stuff like this:

Artist: Ankur & The Ghalat Family
Track: ‘Bekhabar’
Director/DoP/Editor/Colourist: Viraj Sinh Gohil
Additional Camera: Jaisingh Amos
Dancers: Tim and Malou
Band: Ankur Tewari, Sidd Coutto, Johan Pais, Gaurav Gupta
Production: Nithin Upadhyaya
The director would like to thank: Rustom and his mom, Vinu and Mayank, Shatadru, Michael McNeff, Janit Ghambir

by my man in mumbai, Viraj Sinh Gohil…

good typography, and well told englishman’s lament

although at the end he hints where monkey logic fails…

cool art by William Bruedigam

head over to deviant art to see rising talent Will Bruedigam aka dmfarble

jimmi in ashes and ink


hiding abstract art in cartoons

from the new york times:

“Culhane essentially ‘hid’ his artful excursions in plain sight, letting them rush past too rapidly for the notice of most of his audience,” Mr. Klein writes in the 15-page article, titled “Woody Abstracted: Film Experiments in the Cartoons of Shamus Culhane.”

In the article Mr. Klein describes Mr. Culhane, who was credited in his work then as James Culhane, as a devotee of the avant-garde. He was influenced by the writings of Russian theorists like Sergei Eisenstein and Vsevolod Pudovkin, Mr. Klein writes, and spent evenings at the American Contemporary Gallery in Hollywood. There, he watched films by Fritz Lang and Jean Renoir, might have seen paintings by Oskar Fischinger and definitely “was inclined to wear a beret.”

Mr. Klein writes that one of (Culhane’s) experiments was a two-second piece of an explosion in “Woody Dines Out,” from 1945. He finds the frames “improvised like visual music” in what Mr. Culhane acknowledged in his autobiography, “Talking Animals and Other People,” was an Eisenstein-inspired moment.

The longest such experimental sequence was in the seven-second steamroller smash-up in “The Loose Nut,” also from 1945. And, later in that cartoon, Woody is blown into an abstract configuration that Mr. Klein, in his article, calls “the convergence of animation and Soviet montage.”


Mechanics Of Bicycles now on-line

make sure you click the full screen button!

Mechanics of Bicycles is a video about bikes in Seattle.

music: Royale
mix: P-Smoov
directed, shot, animated:
produced by:

bike riders:
Myhung Pham
Troy Baum
Scuffs Mentality
Thomas Kolb
Josh Stowell
Tipton Power
Glenn Burkhart
Nathaniel Murphy
Ira Forester
Kinson Gawrych
Kate Power

take some time to unplug

as much as we loves our libyan freedom fighter blogs, our instant access to global information, and disaster porn; sometimes it is very important to unplug- especially the cell phone!

from reuters>>>

now this is a panorama!

make sure you zoom in to the spines of the books

what does your cellphone carrier know about your travels?

A German Green (that’s an environmental political party the republicrats quash here in the states) sued to have the location data his german cellphone carrier stores.
how fine a grain of location data that VerizonATTSPRINT can keep is pretty scary:

how to steal like an artist: