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against path dependence- it’s time to bushwack!

i generally find brooks incredibly boring, and an milquetoast enabler of the crazies on the right, but today he was right on:

path dependence is why  we are stuck (right now) using internal combustion engines instead of (sustainable)electric- we have invested 100 years in building the infrastructure and innovation that surrounds our hotrod obsessed culture.
all the engineers, plutocrats, etc invested in this do not want to change , it means new degrees and new companies to replace exxonmobilGMfiatBP…

another example is photoshop- all of the cave people who have been using pshop since v.1 need their hot keys/obscure selection strategies to keep working, but there are newer and perhaps more logical ways of doing things, say in the interface of apples aperture, or adobe’s light room- but the behemoth of photoshop keeps expanding, crushing forward and blocking alternate paths…


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