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against path dependence- it’s time to bushwack!

i generally find brooks incredibly boring, and an milquetoast enabler of the crazies on the right, but today he was right on:

path dependence is why  we are stuck (right now) using internal combustion engines instead of (sustainable)electric- we have invested 100 years in building the infrastructure and innovation that surrounds our hotrod obsessed culture.
all the engineers, plutocrats, etc invested in this do not want to change , it means new degrees and new companies to replace exxonmobilGMfiatBP…

another example is photoshop- all of the cave people who have been using pshop since v.1 need their hot keys/obscure selection strategies to keep working, but there are newer and perhaps more logical ways of doing things, say in the interface of apples aperture, or adobe’s light room- but the behemoth of photoshop keeps expanding, crushing forward and blocking alternate paths…

Billy Shannon video is online

by elizabeth allen

“best in show” winner at WNMU student art show- playing now in mccray art gallery:

“Billy Shannon,” written and performed by Jonny Mahaffey, is a music video produced by local artists in Silver City, New Mexico. Shot in downtown Silver City and the stunning surrounding natural landscape in the high desert. Starring Teresa Dahl-Bredine. Directed by Elizabeth (BJ) Allen. Created in the iDEAlab, WNMU.

title design through the ages

awesome sci-fi painting

by catsano:



using cinema 4-d and a background from NASA(check this link! 100M+ raw files of stars, planets, etc direct from the spacecraft)

new buttons vid

A short stop motion I did for my iDEA animation class at WNMU. I also keyed out the background to add the nice blue background.

by jarrod johnson

no york city

an exploration through the fabric of the City, circa 1983 by rick liss, man those towers were huge!

the magic of the flaneur, sniffing over/under thru the city to find…

the media is the message

this just goes to show how the news is put forth is more important than what is going on…but pretty funny video!

on fair use

dick prince is a fraud, and a prime example of “personality” artists, or the type of charismatic fake a la jeff koons who seem to dominate the art world today…

(note to students, if you collaged the above image on the right, it would be “fair use” as you would not be placing it in a beeeg NYC gallery and making $$$ of it! but it would still be a rather dull interpretation of a good photo….)

visualizing wifi

this is pretty cool, we need to get jaime to provide LEDs! i wonder what silver city’s signals would look like?

library adventure

understanding the (mis)framing of an issue

the science doubters have been proven wrong- where is the big story?

oh that’s right, the pocket protector crowd don’t scream and yell for the cameras,

let’s just forget it…

the deep strangeness of the world

this was meant to be a springtime video for all my peeps in colder climes,

but in the end morphed into something else…

music: vance galloway

eye model: teresa hardy

timelapse shot at city of rocks, southern NM,
composited with SOHO UV sunshots

nikon d200
canon 7d
tokina lens’