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filming DOWNTOWN tomorrow!

Help Silver City win the Great American Main Street Award and become a YouTube celebrity!

As part of our finalist’s application for this prestigious national award, Silver City MainStreet will be filming a group sing of the final line of the 1964 Petula Clark song Downtown. The idea is to have hundreds of people gathered on Broadway under the Downtown Gateway Arch representing our entire community.

Since Western is such an important part of Silver City, we’d like to extend a special invitation to the WNMU community to join us for this memorable event. Come dressed as you are, or wear your purple and gold to represent your school to the rest of the world!

Filming will take place on Broadway between Bullard and Hudson Streets this Tuesday, Feb. 1 from 8:30 to 9 am. Please join us, and bring your friends! For more information, visit , or call (575) 534-1700.

evolving fractal landscapes…

the history of hip hop

I plugged you some free tunes, now get to work:

from the “great grey lady

Full-time college students in the 1960s studied 24 hours per week, on average, whereas their counterparts today study 14 hours per week. The 10-hour decline is visible for students from all demographic groups and of all cognitive abilities, in every major and at every type of college.

Philip Babcock, from this article


girltalk copyleft free tunes

good free tunes, my man david riveria was getting down and he and kirkson animated up a storm…

everyone can be a star//are you ready for public intervention//use your interweb to revolutionize yourself//your society

Jacob Krupnick uses copyleft girl talk on the staten island ferry=
new yawk city: who want to go?

the trick is in the eye