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Interviews at the Buckhorn by Tyler Bingham.

So basically what Tyler did was run a live feed from a camera inside the building of the live mic to a projector outside broadcasting on the outside wall, and then invited people inside to come out and talk about what was going on.  Cool stuff!

Behind the Scenes: The Making of a Light Dance

Recently there was a collaboration amoungst the iDEA students at WNMU; students from the Movement in Performance class taught by Zoe Wolfe joined forces with the iDEA Lab 4d class to create an awesome video of light and music.  We set up in the Fine Arts Center Theater.  Jamie Ramirez provided strips of LED lights, used to light under kitchen cabinets and as yard decorative lighting (, in several different colors, which were attached to 9 volt batteries and wrapped around the dancers bodies.

Several cameras were set up around the stage, some were filming, some took a picture every few seconds.  Lights out, and the dancers created experimental dances using the improv techniques learned in Zoe’s class.
We did a few dances and then at the end of the shoot we did still pictures on a slow shutter 15-30 seconds of a repeated movement on the stage.  We ended up with some pretty cool stills. This is the movement of a dancer doing a series of cartwheels across the stage.
The next step will be to render the footage in AfterEffects and edit  a video!  Coming Soon to the iDEA Blog…

keep it slow

long slow takes are the way of the future (past)

NTU Media some fun stuff here!

this is part of what we will be doing in iDEA digital studio 380!

Video Poem

i guess i found the first assignment for “experimental video” next spring!

Bless Me, Ultima

Bless Me, Ultima comes to Silver City