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Story is everything

You do not need big budget.  You do not need special effects. You need a good story.  Oh yeah, and I wish Kurt Cobain was still around, and Weinstock too…

stop motion animation using multiplane

This is the kind of setup we are hoping to construct at Kate Browns…

Astigmatismo from Troshinsky on Vimeo.


Are Thomason’s vestigial limbs, useless and lame- or are they evidence for what could have been, possibilities not realized?


Native advertising

More subject matter for digital literacy!



Are the interwebs making us dumberer? #skimming #ADD #noconcentration

The findings indicated that various benefits provided by the online environment were
unquestionable. Aspects noted largely reflected the literature such as: much more information
being available and accessible (Liu, 2005). Such demands resulted in an increase in reading
speed, and more selective and more discerning reading (Flavian & Gurrea, 2007). However,
the demands also resulted in skim reading, scanning, browsing, and hopping hither and thither
between different sites and even on the same site. The consequence was shorter attention
span, shifting focus, low levels of concentration, and overlooking important words or text.
This accorded with the views of Zhang (2006, p.71). As Miall and Dobson (2006) had found,
less careful reading and reduced absorption in the content resulted, as well as lower recall of
content increased impatience, as well as eyestrain, which reflected the findings and views of
Liu (2005) and Carr (2008).$FILE/04_Hooper_Herath.pdf

Collaborations are the new genius

From the NYT:

But the lone genius is a myth that has outlived its usefulness. Fortunately, a more truthful model is emerging: the creative network, as with the crowd-sourced Wikipedia or the writer’s room at “The Daily Show” or — the real heart of creativity — the intimate exchange of the creative pair, such as John Lennon and Paul McCartney and myriad other examples with which we’ve yet to fully reckon.

Collaborations are the way of the future- groups of tight knit friends, fellow students, and even remotely connected like minded individuals will great the great art of the future: let us remember that the sound engineer, the camera operator, the screenwriter and the director should be on more equal footing, especially on the small and nimble set today!  Jeff Koon’s fabricators are the true genius behind that work…


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