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First Light on the Oxberry Project

Kate Brown, a multimedia artist and key figure in the new Mimbreno visual arts movement, has been working to get physical, as opposed to digital, animation back up and running here in SW New Mexico.  A key part of this is her Oxberry, an animation stand from the Disney era, used for title design and cel based animation from the 1950’s… She drove this beast of an animation stand all the way back from Rhode Island to install it in her studio at the Hot Springs Ranch in Mimbres, NM.

Kate has been working to create the multiplane, which are series of glass plates, that when photographed from above allow for depth and 3d to be introduced into 2d animations.  Working with several local builders,  this process has begun.

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The WNMU New Media Studio, as part of its visiting artist series, is inviting new media artists to visit campus and work with students to create new works.  The first artist to visit this year is Stephen Dirkes, a NYC film maker and stop motion animation specialist.  We had the students collect flora from around the ranch, as we timelapsed, now we get to play:

Mimbres Hot Spring Lapse 2014 from stephen dirkes on Vimeo.

Good advice for all artists, young or otherwise…

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 9.49.18 AM

3. I’ve cobbled together many different streams of income, so that if the bottom falls out of one industry, I’m not ruined. My mom worked in packaging design. When computers fundamentally changed the field, she lost all her work. I learned from this.

Molly Crabapple at bOINGbOING:

Story is everything

You do not need big budget.  You do not need special effects. You need a good story.  Oh yeah, and I wish Kurt Cobain was still around, and Weinstock too…

stop motion animation using multiplane

This is the kind of setup we are hoping to construct at Kate Browns…

Astigmatismo from Troshinsky on Vimeo.


Are Thomason’s vestigial limbs, useless and lame- or are they evidence for what could have been, possibilities not realized?


Native advertising

More subject matter for digital literacy!




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